You've always known you were different.

At times you've thought: "Why am I so sensitive? What's wrong with me?"

You may feel weird, quirky. One of your biggest frustrations is that you soak up the emotions of others. And you wish you had an off-switch to quiet all the thinking and worrying you do. You often feel overwhelmed, and then you end up withdrawing just to get some relief. The thing is, it doesn't have to be that way.
You've always known you were different.

Imagine how different your life would be if you could:

  • Disconnect from others' emotions rather than taking them on

  • Strengthen your intuition and use it to benefit yourself and others

  • Process through your emotions instead of getting stuck in them

  • Learn ways to avoid and cope with overwhelm other than withdrawing

  • Redirect your brain from obsessive thinking and worry

  • Know that you're normal, exactly as you're meant to be, and have special gifts to offer the world

What is the From Worrier-to-Warrior Program?

A 9 module video-based training program

From Worrier-to-Warrior is a self-guided, 9-module program for Highly Sensitive People who want to feel more empowered in their relationships, life and future. Whether you're brand new to self-growth or have been at it for years, I'll guide you in making discoveries and changes that are perfect for you, exactly where you're at.

When you sign up, you get

  • 9 Video Modules

    Each module has videos that explore different elements of the topic, broken into short and easily digestible segments.

  • Growth Sheets

    A Growth Sheet accompanies each module. These worksheets are full of exercises to help you apply the material to your life.

  • Audio downloads

    Enjoy meditations, a guided visualization and other audio downloads to listen to at your convenience.

  • Discussion Board

    Access the built-in discussion board to ask questions and receive responses directly from Brooke.

  • Hand-picked resources

    Each module contains a resource section with other helpful videos, books, and websites, letting you delve as deep as you'd like into each topic.

  • Discount access to group program

    1-2 times per year, From Worrier-to-Warrior is offered as a live group program in which we move through the material together. Enjoy a discounted tuition if you join the live group after purchasing the self-study program.

Course curriculum

Take a look at what you'll learn in each module:

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