The Intuitive Warrior Way

For Highly Sensitive People who want to live vibrantly

Hi, Intuitive Warrior.

You may not feel great about yourself or your relationships. You might feel overwhelmed and overworked. You sense, on a deep level, that you see the world differently than others. 

In your quiet moments, you might feel the weight of the different masks you wear. Masks that help you feel safe but also keep others from seeing the real you.

It doesn't have to be that way.

The Intuitive Warrior Way empowers you to live beyond the negative constraints of old habits; to break free from self-negating patterns; to live vibrantly.

The anxiety becomes quieter.

The overwhelm happens less and less frequently.

"Confident" is a word you start using to describe yourself. 

Your intuition becomes your guiding light.

Your relationships flourish.   

Life is just...easier.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

29 Videos
1 Text
10 PDFs
3 Audios
Brooke Nielsen
Brooke Nielsen
Psychotherapist and Course Intstructor

About the instructor

Brooke Nielsen has over a decade of clinical experience specializing in working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). She is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado and also the founder of the Intuitive Warrior Program and Community.

Brooke built the Intuitive Warrior Community after recognizing a dire need for support for finely-tuned people. An Intuitive Warrior herself, she wanted to focus on the strengths of having a highly sensitive nervous system as well as offer tools to thrive when life gets tough.

After growing up in Southern California, Brooke traded in the beaches of San Diego for the mountains of Boulder, Colorado.

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