Ever since you heard about the term Highly Sensitive Person, you've been reeling

You know it explains A LOT, but it's hard to understand exactly what it means for you.

Your entire life, you've felt different. You've received criticism for being "too sensitive" and "thin-skinned".

You're thoughtful, and sometimes you get stuck in worry.

Life often feels overwhelming and exhausting.

It seems like all of this has to do with being a "Highly Sensitive Person", but you can't quite connect the dots.

You wonder, "how many areas of my life does this HSP thing impact? Is this a character flaw or something I can change? Do I want to change it?"


In the HSP 101: Foundations course, I help people like you get clarity about being a Highly Sensitive Person...

..so that you can move past confusion and learn the tools to craft a life that is joyful (and isn't overshadowed by overwhelm).

This description of a Highly Sensitive Person seems to fit you, but what do you do with that information? You've been this way your whole life, so it's hard to really see yourself clearly.

Let's start with what you ARE clear on:

  • You know you can't keep living in the overwhelm and overstimulation.
  • You know you need to understand yourself (because your heart knows that's the key to empowerment)

With guidance from me, HSP expert, licensed psychotherapist, and HSP myself, you'll get a full understanding of how your wiring affects every aspect of your life. On top of that, I'll give you clear insights into what you can do about it.

You might be thinking, “I’m not sure I have the time and energy to delve into something new right now.” 

I get it. You spend a lot of energy trying to minimize the amount of "noise" in your life. But if you’re reading this, you intuitively know that some things enrich and support us in such a way that's worth the investment of our time and attention. 

HSP 101: Foundations is one of those investments; you'll grow in heart and mind in a way that will change your trajectory as a Highly Sensitive Person.

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Take this opportunity to become an expert on yourself.

What is HSP 101: Foundations?

A Self-Guided Learning Experience

HSP 101: Foundations is your roadmap to clarity. Our 40+ page workbook, guided meditation and PDF downloads give you all the information you need to know about Highly Sensitive People in one place (no more scouring the internet for details). 

You'll also be guided through writing prompts to explore the ways your sensitivity does -and doesn't- define you.  You'll also uncover ways that your past is affecting the way you view yourself- and your sensitivity right now. 

I know you’ve already tried to help yourself.

My guess is that you've tried all kinds of things to help understand yourself. You've gotten some answers but still have so many questions. Why will this course be any different? 

My background and expertise sets HSP 101: Foundations apart from other resources. As a psychotherapist with extensive training in Highly Sensitive People and 15 years of clinical experience supporting HSPs, I have a unique ability to help you understand both the research on sensitivity and how it applies to YOU, specifically.

Now I appreciate what makes me, me

Jessica G.

The Intuitive Warrior Programs have given me the words to understand thoughts and feelings I've had my whole life, but couldn't quite put my finger on. Brooke has a naturally caring way of explaining how being an HSP affects your life, and she's given me tools I can use any time in any situation to feel calmer and more in control. It's also helped me better appreciate what makes me, me.

What you get when you sign up:

  • HSP 101 Workbook

    This 40+ page workbook is filled with illuminating, easy-to-understand insight about being an HSP and reflection questions to jump start your growth.

  • Affirmations for HSPs

    You've probably heard that changing what we tell ourselves can re-wire our brain. These affirmations are specifically crafted for HSPs ready to change the way they see themselves.

  • Personal Bill of Rights

    Many HSPs struggle with boundaries because we're not clear when it's okay to use our voices. This declaration explores our rights regarding our thoughts, feelings, and needs.

  • Calm Place Meditation

    A guided visualization that will connect you to your highest self while calming your body and mind.

  • Specialized Resources

    Get access to little-known resources that will help you continue your journey from overwhelmed empath to Intuitive Warrior.

  • Bonus Training

    Learn how to talk to others about being an HSP. This guided script gives you the exact words you need to gain understanding and support from the important people in your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Brooke

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Everything You Need to Know about Being HSP

    • HSP 101 Workbook

    • Personal Bill of Rights

    • Calm Place Visualization

  • 3

    Bonus Content

    • How to Talk to Others About Being an HSP

    • Affirmations for HSPs

    • Highly Sensitive Person Cheat Sheet

  • 4

    Next Steps...

    • What now? More resources for you

    • Before you go...


Intuitive Warrior Guide

Brooke Nielsen, MA, MFT

Brooke Nielsen is an expert psychotherapist who helps catapult Highly Sensitive People out of overwhelm and into a powerful calm. She practices in Boulder, CO and has over a decade of expertise in trauma healing. Her Intuitive Warrior Journey program helps women and men discover the gifts that lie hidden in what they thought were the worst parts of themselves.

Courage, ease, and joy

Jamie K.

If you are ready to experience your relationships and life with courage, ease, and joy, then let her program guide you. Very few clinicians know Highly Sensitive People better than Brook Nielsen. She knows your path from the inside out.

A game changer!

Kelly R.

The Intuitive Warrior program was a game changer for me. Learning about the highly sensitive nervous system completely changed the way I see myself. Brooke is a natural leader, teacher, and coach and her warmth and expertise are infused in every part of the program.

A Risk-Free Investment

100% Satisfaction Guarante

Risk-free guarantee

 I'm confident this course will meet you exactly where you're at so you can take the next steps to thrive as an HSP, but if you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund your money with no questions asked. 

There’s other support out there for HSPs. What makes this different?

I take the confusion out of being a Highly Sensitive Person. By illuminating what’s really underneath your struggles, I'll help you get off the self-help treadmill and lower your overwhelm, once and for all.

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I felt pride and empowerment in being an HSP

Emily R.

I experienced a sense of empowerment and pride in being an HSP and feeling more prepared to go through life with more direction. I would definitely recommend this program because it speaks to many different people and the commonalities that all HSPs share. It provides a space to explore, grow, and process different aspects of being an HSP at each person's own pace.