You have so much passion, so many ways you want to serve the world, yet feeling overwhelmed stops you in your tracks.

At times you've thought: "Why am I so sensitive? What's wrong with me?"

You're a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who's taking steps to create a life that's meaningful, yet you struggle with self-doubt. 

Deep down, you know you bring special qualities to the world, but it's scary to trust your intuition and vision. 

Life is just...TOO MUCH.  

Your responsibilities, other people’s moods, family and work dynamics: it all adds up to a feeling of exhaustion and burnout.

Sometimes you get discouraged and wonder if you're somehow defective. Your heart is bruised from being rejected for who you are, and you fear getting hurt again.

You have a sense that most people don’t understand you and don’t seem to struggle with living the way you do. The loneliness of being different often makes you feel like a fish out of water.

If you do open up, others may say something unhelpful like, “don’t let it bother you,” or “don't worry so much,” leaving you to feel even more alone and confused.

You've Tried Hard to Feel Better.

Maybe you've attempted to feel more grounded through meditation or exercise. You've tried talking to friends, people in Facebook groups, and maybe even a therapist about what it's like to be you.

You might have struggled to understand yourself through reading books and blogs or even taking an online course.

Or you may have tried to be somebody different than who you are, disconnecting from your feelings, or becoming super busy to distract from how you're feeling underneath it all.